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DC Slices is hot, fresh, thin-crust pizza, crispy tater tots, sides and salads; made from three red-hot foodtrucks that serve lunch-goers and festival-seekers throughout the District.We are dedicated to offering our customers the freshest-possible product while providing excellent customer service. Our motto is: For pizza lovers, by pizza lovers.To our employees, we offer an one-of-a-kind, easy-going-yet-driven, work environment where everyone is respected, trusted and can play an active role in the exciting growth of a small business. We say at DC Slices, “This is one big pizza family.”DC Slices’ success is not possible without the many faithful customers who seek good pizza and our dedicated and hard-working employees; whose well-being is at the heart of the DC Slices partners. We believe our crew may be our greatest strength that puts us aheadĀ  of the competition.